Paris Hilton Mentions Miracle Meadows Case in Jamaica Speech

Published on April 8, 2024, by Forbes Law | Firm News

Paris Hilton Mentions Miracle Meadows Case in Jamaica Speech
Late last week, celebrity turned child abuse advocate Paris Hilton made a speech in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. She was in the island nation at the invitation of eight American boys who had been recently rescued from Atlantis Leadership Academy, one of many schools worldwide that she contends belongs to the “troubled teen industry.” In her remarks, she mentioned the Miracle Meadows case and its similarities.

The existence of youth residential programs like the one where these American boys were recently found in Jamaica is a concern very close to our hearts here at Forbes Law Offices PLLC. In 2020, one of our Charleston, WV firm’s lawyers, Jesse Forbes, along with attorney colleagues at Hendrickson & Long, PLLC and Laffey, Bucci & Kent LLP, secured just shy of a $52 million settlement against Miracle Meadows.

What To Know About the Alleged Abuse

The earlier lawsuit filed on behalf of 29 former Miracle Meadows students alleged that they had suffered both physical and sexual abuse and other mistreatment while on the Salem, WV, school grounds. The eight American boys rescued from the Atlantis Leadership Academy were stripped, beaten, waterboarded, starved, and subjected to other types of similar treatment to their counterparts at the former WV school, according to Hilton.

Why the Discovery of an American-Run School Like This Abroad Is Concerning

During her speech, Hilton highlighted how the West Virginia and Jamaican schools are not all that different from those she was placed in at age 16. She also pointed out how these two schools aren’t the last of the ones to exist — especially abroad.

Hilton pointed out that in her advocacy work regarding the troubled teen industry, she and her team have identified other American-run schools like the ones described above in Costa Rica, Samoa, Mexico, St. Lucia, and even Jamaica.

Stopping the Cycle of Abuse and Holding Perpetrators Accountable

In her final remarks, Hilton highlighted how her advocacy work has already resulted in eight states passing legislation to eliminate abuse like what occurred at these schools. She also highlighted how she won’t stop pushing to get more states and the federal government to adopt similar legislation.

Here at Forbes Law Offices, we share Paris Hilton’s commitment to drawing attention to the plight of vulnerable youth. Our attorneys are also committed to ensuring that they know their rights, especially as it relates to holding those who abused them accountable for their actions.